EMail Virus Protection

EMail viruses have become a BIG problem:
In the past few months, there has been a great increase in the number and viciousness of email viruses.   These viruses can destroy the data on your computer and swamp our email system with hundreds of virus infected messages.   The email worms take advantage of features (that's what Microsoft calls them) in Outlook and Outlook Express email software.  

Virus scanning has been added to our email server:   We have gone to the expense of adding email virus scanning to our service.   This will help reduce the propagation of these email viruses.   On Dec 1, 2004 the virus protection program removed 5639 infected emails before they got to any customer's inbox.  However, having the virus protection on the server does not mean that you can go without virus protection on your personal computer.  

Everyone MUST run up-to-date virus protection:   Every computer connected to the Internet should be running a good virus protection software.   A single infected computer can produce hundreds of infected email messages per day.   We have found that some of the most popular virus programs may not provide the best protection.   We are very happy with a program that is used at several of our local schools.   AVG Antivirus offers a free version.   Which ever virus protection product your choose, it must be kept up-to-date.

Keep your virus protection up-to-date:   All virus protection programs offer periodic updates.   This update service is often a paid subscription program.   If you do not subscribe to the update program, your virus program will not protect against the nastiest viruses that have been created recently.   Some programs check to see if an update is available automatically and other programs do not.   You MUST make sure that your virus protection is updated at least twice a month--the more often the better.   New viruses are being created each day. Make sure that the virus protection program you have on your computer is being updated on a regular basis.

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