PopUp Killer

Destroy Pop-up Windows

Are you tired of aggravating pop-up windows?   Now's your chance to put an end to those annoying windows before they have a chance to appear again.   PopUp Killer is the original and most powerful popups destroying machine ever created.   With PopUp Killer you will be able to browse the web without being molested by those annoying ads that popup when you visit some websites.   PopUp Killer monitors your Web surfing sessions and automatically kills pop-up windows on sight.   The engine offers two ways to detect pop-ups:   We recommend you turn on "Smart Detection" within the preference settings to have PopUp Killer automatically block pop-ups while you surf.   The software will also allow you to create your own list of sites to kill or blacklist.   PopUp Killer works with any browser and is a simple way to be rid of those unwanted windows.   You can get PopUp Killer from Popup Killer's HomePage or download from our server.

Another free program is Analog X's Pow.   It automatically detects pop-up windows and lets you decide what you want to do with them.   Download Pow! here.

Both PopUp Killer and POW are also located on our Software Downloads Page

Happy Surfing
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