Your Personal Web Page

As a 618Connect account customer, you are entitled to 10 Megs of Personal Data Storage Space for hosting your own personal web page or for storing pictures, presentations, etc., to have available to you from anywhere on the Internet.

Personal Web Page Hosting:
To create your own homepage, you must learn how to compose HTML, or learn how to use an editor.  There are many good resources for learning HTML on the World Wide Web.  The following links contain all the information you should need to get started composing HTML and to get your homepage started.  We are sorry, but we cannot answer questions about html styles or coding.  Use the guides listed below or take a trip to your local book store or library.  There are scores of books available on HTML.

Web Page Tutorial
HTML Goodies

NOTE: The first page must be named "index.html".  This will be first page automatically served when someone accesses your personal web page from the Internet.

Publishing your page to 618Connect's server:
Web Page editing programs use the terms "Publish" or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) when talking about moving the Web documents from your computer to our Server.  These programs will need specific information to make the Publishing of your Web Page work correctly.

Enter the name ""
UserName or AccountName:
Enter the username and password you have setup with 618Connect to dial into our system
Destination Directory or Path:
Type a "/" (forward slash) for the destination directory

To View Your Page:
You can now view your published web page by using the URL address of  Replace the username part with the same user/account name you used to publish your page.  If the 'index.html' file did not get publish correctly, the web server will return a "Forbiden" page.  You should call tech support if you have difficulties publishing your page.

Personal Data Storage Space
You don't have to use the storage space for just web pages.  Store pictures, presentations, and have them available to you from anywhere on the internet.

Every user may also make use of his/her personal space for temporary storage and transfer of files between computers.  This service offers better support to roaming users that access network services through different work-stations.

In order to transfer files from your local machine to our server you will need an FTP software client to upload/download your files.  One easy to use ftp program is WSFTP. The "Home" shareware version is available at Get it from CNET!

Happy Surfing

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